Class Change

September 16 2023


  • Class change is a special service available to all characters that meet the following requirements:
  • the 3rd class change completed;
  • no active Hero status at the moment.
  • Also, a special coupon from L-Coin Shop is required:
Where Item Unit price Exp loss
Control Panel Shop    Class Change Coupon 999 Crystals

Lv. 1-86 -40% of the total amount of experience

Lv. 87-89 -30% of the total amount of experience

Lv. 90 and above -20% of the total amount of experience


Additional Services Lab

  • After purchasing the coupon, go to NPC Juni near the central fountain in Aden.

  • Unequip everything from your character: armor, weapons, accessories, etc. Free as much space in your inventory as you can. You will need at least 30 free slots.
  • Talk to Juni. He will teleport you to the Additional Services Lab where you find NPC Hermin. She is in charge of the class change service.

Inevitable Losses

  • Hermin will tell you that the class change is impossible without some sacrifices. You will lose the following:
  • assigned stat points;
  • ranking bonuses;
  • Olympiad rank and points;
  • buffs;
  • learnt skills.

Please note that skills learnt from spellbooks are reset as well. However, you get back sealed spellbooks for every skill.


Changing Your Class

  • If you accept all terms, confirm your decision. After that Hermin will let you select your new race, class and gender.
  • As soon as you finish, you will be disconnected from server. You will have to log in again.
  • Your character will become of the selected race and gender, and your class will change as well.


Appearance after class change

  • You cannot choose your appearance (face, hairstyle and hair color) during the class change.
  • You will get standard appearance features:
  • face — Type A;
  • hairstyle — Type A;
  • hair color — Type A.
  • If you want to change your appearance, you can buy special potions for adena from NPC Grocer in any town.
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