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Why we are?

We get ourselves the task of proving and showing to Lineage 2 community that Essence can be interesting not only for peolple with a large wallet, but for everyone. One of our task is to increase the number of: unique events, dungeons and mechanics for an interesting game. Read the description and make your own conclusion.


Ancient Pirates' Tomb

The first of the new locations is Ancient Pirates' Tomb

The location is designed for characters of lv. 80 and above

Kill Captain Goldberg's steward and get access to battle with the Captain

Garden of Eva

Location for characters lv. 78 and above

Location is key for obtaining Talisman of Eva

Kill monsters, take part in a Battle with Keber or just complete quests

Forge of the Gods

Volcano zone, in the heart of which is the lair of Fire Dragon Valakas

A hot place designed for characters lv. 82 and above

Everyone who helps in killing Valakas' servants will receive a valuable prize like as Pendant and Dragon Belt


Necropolis of Devotion and The Patriot's Necropolis have been added to the game

Locations are designed for characters lv. 58 and 64 and above

A feature of the Locations is increased resistance to magic and archers

This will allow melee classes to have a better start of the game

Unique monsters

New Elite monsters have appeared in locations, kill them and get valuable reward

Unique Raid Bosses

Help the Knights of Balthus in battle with Raid Bosses and get a unique reward for it


A unique system of mounts, costumes and hats. Now you can be different from everyone!

Classes Rebalances

We decided that it was necessary to refresh balance of classes, which is why we reworked some of old skills, added new ones, and also removed unnecessary ones.

3 x 3 Arena

Participate in 3-on-3 matches

Complete tasks and get valuable prizes.

Battle of Castles

Unique game PvP event

Fight for the castle in the 50 vs 50 format, capture and hold points.

1 vs 1 Olympiad

Classic Olympiad in form 1 vs 1

Improved rewards, heroic weapons and other stuff waiting for you!

New Locations
New Features
Classes Rebalances
PvP Content

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