This server was created by players who really love Lineage 2! Playing on the official servers of all versions, we always found moments that developers for some reason missed. We tried to use all our many years of experience to create an interesting game and a smooth concept of character boosting, which, unlike most servers, will depend not on amount of money invested to game, but mostly on player's activity on the server and his luck.


Donat policy

Stage of Glory is different in that we tried to minimize the amount of donation that can affect the game. We have removed the possibility of buying talismans, agathions, and other items in the store. We have moved the possibility of obtaining these items through game activities and monster hunting. Only starter packs, premium account and consumables are available in the L-shop.


General Concept

As some might guess from name of server, development of server will be divided into stages. Every week we will improve items that receive from Raid Bosses, add new locations and improve random craft.


Obtaining equipment

The system of obtaining boost items, such as talismans, cloaks, pendants, etc. has been changed and redesigned, now many items are obtaining by a game way. For more information, follow the link.


Leveling on spots is not so boring anymore?

We have added new events to locations, now New Elite monsters with a unique drop will appear on most spots. Periodically, a Wandering Trader Thomas will come to location with an assortment of interesting goods. We also added new locations, and some old locations were redesigned and added Energy sources (by analogy with the Clan Strongholds from Cruma Tower).


PvP and PvE events with valuable rewards

In addition to the slightly modified, but still classic and already familiar to many players, Deton's Request and battles with Keber, new activity Help the Knights of Balthus has been added to the game, through which you can get unique buff and almost Epic rewards! As well as a unique PvP event - a Castle Clashs and a 3x3 PvP Arena in addition to changed 1x1 Olympiad.

As part of a group, you will be able to visit Dwelling of Spirits, and as part of a clan, you will be able to fight bosses in Clan Arena with changed rewards.

For those who want to speed up their boost and get A grade equipment as early as possible, there was an opportunity to fight with Ancient Pirate Captain Goldberg.


Other features

Finally, Clan Halls have been returned to the game.

Alternative Life Stones with active skills have been returned. Now players are given the opportunity not to replace old effect of Life Stones, if the new one got worse.

As an alternative to hard-to-get Talisman of Baium, we have returned Talisman of Insolence to the game and adapted the system of their getting.

Other interesting features are described here. For example, now Hidden Power from patterns works not only on the character, but on the entire account! And so annoying to everyone, especially in early stages of game, silence runes were significantly nerfed.



Of course, we have made our own edits to balance of classes. Please note that now each archetype will give a certain passive bonus to its group. We also added new skills, deleted or changed old ones. At the same time, we tried not to turn everything upside down and keep the usual state of affairs. However, the gap between strong classes and weak and irrelevant ones has been reduced.



Since our concept strives for the minimum amount of donation that affects the game, we have developed a customization system that does not affect the characteristics of characters in any way. New costumes, mounts, hats, cloaks, titles – you can read more at this link.


With love to game,

Stage of Glory Team

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