Abandoned Coal Mines

February 03 2024

A coal mine to the north of Aden. Recently Black Anvil Guild decided to awaken the Earth Wyrm Trasken. Arin Elder is deeply concerned by the matter, so he asks all brave adventurers to clean out the place.


Event duration

  • The event will last till February 16, 2024.



  • During the event you can visit special time zone — Abandoned Coal Mines.
  • You can enter the zone via the Session Zones UI.
Cycle Lv. Time limit Teleport fee PvP
Daily 85+ 120 min. 300 000 adena Available


Hunting Zone

1. Upon entering the zone, talk to the Researchers' Teleporter to go to another area of the mines.

2. The monsters in the zone are divided into 2 types: Normal and Enhanced.

3. You can get special treasures from the dungeon monsters:  Black Anvil Guild Badge.

4. There is a special clan quest available in the zone:

Name Target Characteristics Reward
 Help to Arin Kill 200 monsters in the Abandoned Coal Mines.

Type: Repeatable mission

Level: 85+

 Transcendent Upgrade Stone x10

 Aden's Soul Crystal Coupon x30

 Enhanced Dye Booster x20

 Armor Diagram x1

 Doll Coupon Lv. 1 x10

 Ancient Adena x500

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