Scarier Things

October 20 2023

What is Halloween? It's sweets! It's creepy monsters! It's fun!

All of the above awaits us in the new "Scarier Things" event. A ghost pumpkin roams the streets of the cities! A gang of vampires took away all the candies that the ghost had in store for the holiday. But of course, only real heroes can save the poor pumpkin and get back the sweets. In return you will not only be treated with those suspicious sweets, but also receive all the necessary paraphernalia for Halloween celebration.


Event Duration

  • The event will last 2 weeks: from October 20st till November 3th.


Event NPC

  • In the cities of Elmoreden, the Halloween Spirit NPC will appear, who will tell his story and ask for help in finding candies stolen by vampires shortly before the holiday.
  • You can get a special buff from the NPC and exchange event items.


Obtaining Buff

  • Once a day, Lv. 60+ characters can get a buff from the event NPC:
  Name Description
 Pumpkin Ghost's Noble Candy - Event For 1 h., STR +1, DEX +1, CON +1, INT +1, WIT +1, MEN +1. Renewed every hour. Halloween Candy Box is given after every renewal.
Cannot be obtained if your character is dead.
  • The buff consists of 24 levels, each level lasts for 1 hour. The level increases automatically.
  • The buff is retained when moving to the World Olympiad.
  • Once the buff's level refreshes, the character receives 1 Mysterious Ghost Candy Pack to the inventory.
  • Candies can be exchanged for useful items from the Halloween Spirit NPC, as well as used as HP potions.
  • The buff has a characteristic animation in the form of a pumpkin head above the character:


Halloween Masks

  • In addition to the buff, the character will also get 3 Halloween Masks:
  Name Quantity Description
 Halloween Mask Sealed 3 Changes appearance to that of one of Halloween Masks. Acquired XP/ SP +30% or 50% for 20 min. The effect remains after death. Cooldown: 1 min.
  • Double-click on the mask item to get one of 6 random buffs (there's no visual effect):
  Name   Description
 Reanimated Corpse Mask For 20 min., acquired XP/ SP +30%
 Shriek Mask For 20 min., acquired XP/ SP +30%
 Red Devil Mask For 20 min., acquired XP/ SP +30%
 Mummy Mask For 20 min., acquired XP/ SP +30%
 Alien Mask For 20 min., acquired XP/ SP +30%
 Jack O'Lantern's Golden Mask For 20 min., acquired XP/ SP +50%


Refreshing Buff

  • The NPC can also refresh the buff you've already received, or get it once again.
  • When refreshing the buff, the character will get a Lv. 1 Ghost Treat buff.
  • Lv. 60+ characters can refresh the buff without quantity restrictions.
  • When refreshing the buff, no Halloween Masks are issued.


Candies Exchange

  • From the candy box, you can get from 10 to 1000 candies at random.
  • Candies can be exchanged at the Halloween Spirit for various supplies and a special box with rewards.
  • The exchange rate is 100%.


Hunting for Vampires

  • The Halloween Spirit asks for help in finding candies for the holiday. They were stolen by the evil vampires who wandered in the hunting zones of Elmoreden. Find the vampires and return the candies!
  • When you kill a vampire, the character receives  L-Coin 1-5 pcs. depends on monster level.
  • When you kill a vampire there a 100% chance to get Mysterious Ghost Candy, once per 1 min. Daily limit 200 pcs.
  • The vampires' respawn time after killing is 60 seconds.
  • Added new daily mission.
Name Description Reward
Vampire Extermination A reward is given for killing 200 Vampires  Large Pumpkin Seed - 50 pcs.


Vampire Rogue (Lv. 65) Vampire Magician (Lv. 65)

Character level 60-72


Vampire Rogue (Lv. 75) Vampire Magician (Lv. 75)

Character level 73-78


Vampire Rogue (Lv. 82)

Vampire Magician (Lv. 82)

Character level 79-88


Vampire Rogue (Lv. 89)

Vampire Magician (Lv. 89)

Character level 89-95

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